Round Rock Copier’s History of Success

It’s one thing to have us tell you how we’ll improve your business. It’s quite another to hear it from people we’ve worked with. Check out what some of Round Rock Copier’s clients have had to say about us!

Thank you for your prompt response.

Angela S.

Our office has been using Round Rock Copier for many years and they are always quick to respond to our needs. They have a low employee turnover whick speaks for itself. I would highly recommend them. 

Linda H.
Office Manager

Love the rental plan vs lease purchase. They are great. 

Ada J.
Operations Manager

A great local company that is quick to respond and help us resolve issues. We appreciate the support we have received from Round Rock Copier. 

Ramona U.
Office Manager/Charity Organization

Great people to work with. 

Alphonsus C.
Owner/Mortgage Company

They were so amazing, they were able to handle the issue remotely, it was so easy and they were super efficent.  We have been using them over 2 years and with such good customer service. We will continue to use them at all our locations. 


My guys at Round Rock Copier are great! We bought a printer through them 3 years ago that still works great and are looking to purchase another soon.  

Crystal N.
Office Manager

Our Insurance office has used Round Rock Copier over 5 years. They have given us excellent service. We rent a copier from them and we get excellent maintenance for the copier. 

Gloria W.
Insurance Broker, Manager

We have three large copiers on site in different buildings. We've never run out of toner over the years tha we've used Round Rock Copier. Any tyme there is a issue, it's very convenient to be able to send them an email to request a service call. They are fast to acknowledge the emailed request and either come out the same day or next day. The service call guys are knowledgeable, efficient, and friendly. 

Tiffany R.
Office Manager

We are excited to work with Round Rock Copier again this year! 

Presley H.
Events Manager