Affordable Systems from Toshiba Sharp and Kyocera

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Great Technology at Great Prices

When some companies look at their customers, they just see dollar signs. Round Rock Copier isn’t like that.

We’re a local company. Our employees and management team all come from right here in Texas. This means that when someone comes through the door or calls us, we know we’re dealing with our neighbors- and you don’t nickel-and-dime your neighbors.

Round Rock Copier takes pride in offering top-notch, affordable office systems to customers in Austin and nearby towns. With our equipment, you get first-rate quality for outstanding prices.

Available Systems

Round Rock Copier sells brand new equipment from these leading manufacturers:


Recognized by Fortune as one of the biggest companies in the world, Toshiba has achieved global success thanks to such initiatives as the Toshiba Quality Commitment. Their printers and other products have earned more than 100 awards from:

  • Buyers Laboratory Inc.
  • Office Products Analyst
  • Better Buys for Business


Sharp’s multifunction printers come with advanced Sharp OSA technology. Their devices enable you to take greater control over your printing and scanning processes.


Kyocera sums up their business philosophy this way: “Respect the Divine and Love People.” They design equipment that combines superior productivity with minimal supply and power requirements.

More About Round Rock Copier

Round Rock Copier doesn’t stop at selling great products. We give customers a variety of leasing and purchasing options. We also offer efficient, personalized maintenance and repair services for a wide range of machines. For more information about what we do, check out these pages:

Flexible Options

Personal Service

Ethical Leasing

Technical Partners


To discuss which of our affordable systems would best suit your needs,